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Green County Development Corp Strategic Planning Process

This survey is part of a larger economic development strategy development process by the Green County Development Council. This portion of the process is designed to gain perspective on community values and priorities of local residents, businesses and individuals with an interest in Green County. Your participation in this survey is important and will help craft a strategy for Green County’s future economic development efforts.
Please answer the following questions about yourself, your community and Green County. Individual responses will remain confidential, and your identity is not recorded or associated with your answers. Thank you for your time and participation.

About You
The following questions help us identify values for different populations within the County.
Which community do you live in? If you do not live in Green County, which community are you most familiar with?
Please indicate if your community is a:
Which age range includes your current age?
Does your household include children under 18?
How long have you lived in Green County
Less than 1 year
1-3 years
4-6 years
7-10 years
11-15 years
More than 15 years
I work/recreate in Green County, but live elsewhere
If you relocated to Green County, where were you previously living?
Madison Metro
Janesville/Beloit Area
Elsewhere in Wisconsin
In Illinois
Outside of Wisconsin/Illinois
What brought you to Green County?
How frequently do you travel outside of green County for the following reasons?
Daily Once per week 1-2 times per month A few times per year Rarely/Never
Please indicate the degree to which you agree or disagree with the following statements.
Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
Home grown businesses should be supported through public programs and assistance.
It is appropriate to provide public incentives to encourage businesses to locate here.
It is appropriate to provide public incentives to encourage existing local businesses to expand here.
Commercial development should be encouraged.
Industrial and distribution activity should be encouraged.
Residential development should be encouraged.
Ordinances regulating development should be business friendly.
Ordinances regulating development should protect residents, aesthetics and the environment over the interests of business.
Community Assets
The second of three survey elements, this section includes questions about your particular community. Please help us identify people, places and values that make your local community a unique and desirable place to live and work.

Each community has assets which make it unique. These assets are things that people identify with and which help preserve and promote a sense of place. Assets can be physical places, events, cultural references or even people who are valuable community resources. These assets can be identified by their ability to add value to the community, bring community members together or provide a valuable amenity or resource for residents and businesses. Thinking of your community, please indicate whether you feel that individual components of your communities are currently performing as assets and should be marketed, or are inadequate and are liabilities to attracting additional business or residents to the community.

When providing a response under the 'Other' category to any of the questions in the following series, please explain your answer in the comment box at the end of the series.
Built Environment: Physical assets which facilitate the livelihood or well-being of the community (i.e. community centers, bowling alleys, schools, historic buildings)
Asset Liability
Commercial/Industrial Buildings
Housing Stock
Community Center
Social Environment: What social organizations or groups are important in making your community a better place (formal or informal)
Asset Liability
Local Government
Chamber of Commerce
Nonprofit Groups
Civic Organizations (Kiwanis, Lions, etc)
Natural Environment: Landscape, natural amenities, outdoor recreation destinations, and natural resources which are critical to the economy.
Asset Liability
Bodies of Water
Local Parks
Regional Parks
Cultural Environment: Shaping how we see the world, what we take for granted and what we value. Events, traditions and values that are important to the community.
Asset Liability
Cheese making Tradition
Swiss Heritage
Local Festivals
Work Ethic
Family Heritage
Tight Knit Community
Political Environment: The ability of a community to influence the distribution and use of resources. How do things get done? (i.e. Political body, business group, financial or cultural influencers, etc)
Asset Liability
Local Government
Business Group
Non-Profit Group
Human Environment: People’s health, knowledge, skills and motivation. What skills and training are available locally that are an asset? Are there individuals that are experts in a topic who should be recognized?
Asset Liability
Overall physical health
Access to knowledge/information
Educational Attainment
Workforce Skills
Positive Outlook
Financial Environment: Are there businesses, individuals or financial institutions that are active in funding community activities and supplying capital to local economic endeavors?
Asset Liability
Government Programs (Local)
Government Programs (Regional/State/National)
Are there other specific groups or individuals which are important to mention within any of the above categories? Are there individual groups or entities within any of the categories above which are exceptions to your overall ranking (good or bad)? Are there any assets you identified (of any type) that you feel are underutilized, or which represent an untapped opportunity?
About Green County
This last and final section of the survey is about Green County as a whole. One of the goals of this planning process is to identify ways to better coordinate and focus Green County’s efforts to support and promote local economic and community assets. Please consider the entire County when answering the following questions. Answers may or may not include responses about your individual community.
What is Green County's greatest asset?
What is Green County's biggest weakness/limitation?
What should be Green County’s top measurable goals or strategies for economic development in the next 5 years? Select up to five (5) strategies.
Diversify the economic base
Create new jobs
Encourage the growth of existing businesses and industries
Encourage new business formation
Increase access to capital for new and existing businesses
Improve transportation infrastructure
Create a more business-friendly climate
Increase job skills of local labor force
Increase tourism activity
Support local agricultural economy
Increase outdoor recreation access & amenities
Ensure access to modern technology and infrastructure
Improve the quality of life and community amenities
Enhance the community’s aesthetic appeal (i.e. property maintenance)
Increase marketing of Green County as a business destination
Increase marketing of Green County as a residential destination
Promote fiscally responsible government and services
Improve the school system (please specify which district under Other)

Is there anything else we should know as we move forward with planning for Green County’s future economic development activities?
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